A Story Of Letting Go, A Car, Some Crying, and Clarity For 2022

Gary Miller
3 min readJan 4, 2022

I donated my old car to a charity yesterday.

My 2005 Galant GTS.

Truthfully I’m not a car guy but when I bought that car it was a big deal. All leather, V6, heated seats… I felt next level cool.

That was 17 years ago.

It was a great fit then but a horrible fit now.

As the tow truck driver rolled it onto the flatbed my wife got emotional. That of course made me emotional.

We were thinking about all the “firsts” that the car saw.

Our first date.

Our first trip to the hospital when we found out she was pregnant with our first daughter.

Our first trip to our first home together.

Great memories but Crystal, as she often does, brought a much-needed dose of perspective as we were strolling down memory lane.

“This is good that you’re donating it. It will be a great fit for someone. Or at least the parts will be. It’s not a fit for you or us anymore. A lot has changed.”

It got me thinking about heading into 2022. I can’t help but wonder what things we may need to “donate” in our lives because they just don’t fit anymore?

We could grit our teeth and try to make them work in 2022, but chances are they would just hold us back and we would probably be miserable in the process.

  • We might need to donate a project we’ve been working on. It would be a great fit for someone else that could energize them.
  • We may need to donate a job or position. Turns out it might have been a bad fit for us, but could be an answered prayer for someone else.
  • We could give our space on the pew in our church to someone else because it turns out our faith journey is taking us in another direction and to another place. That place we “donate” could be a wonderful fit for someone else in their journey.

Projects, jobs, side hustles, organizations, involvement, there could be many areas and things we need to donate so that we have the space to do our next important things.



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